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Dear Baruch
We got off the airplane running on. Friday and now we have the opportunity to reflect. Let me start by saying that Rebekah and I have done some traveling but this trip we had with you TOPS THEM ALL.
Whatever I expected in advance was nothing in comparison to what we actually did. Each and every day was better than the previous one. The effort you made with regard to the food was absolutely unbelievable.
By the way Rebekah on the Zip Line shook up every person who had the "privilege" of hearing about our trip--even more than her sitting on an Ostrich. All in all we both want to say thank you for a trip of a lifetime.
We want to close this with best wishes to you and Joan for a Shana Tova. Also it should bring peace to you
Lee and Rebekah
Elyce and I wanted to convey our sincere thanks to you, and Joan for all the hard work you expended on our behalf. Together you created memories and experiences for us that will last a lifetime. If the measure of a successful journey is to open one's mind to ideas and sights and the beauty of the world, then you have succeeded beyond all my expectations.
Steven Smedresman
Dear Baruch,
Thanks for leading and hosting an amazing trip.
It is good to be home chuck full of wonderful photos and wonderful memories.
Thanks for the e-mail list.
Take Care
Hi Baruch,
Emily and I wanted to thank you again for the trip of a lifetime. The
trip was better than we could have imagined from start to finish. We
really want to thank you and your wife for opening up your home to us
for Shabbos and for taking care of us in the various countries we
visited. The food was amazing everywhere and the accommodations were
great as well. If I had to make any changes the only thoughts were on
the trip to Zimbabwe and Chobe. But then again we met a couple at the
Clarendon and they went to Chobe the day after we did and saw a lot of
animals so I guess it is like anything else and just the luck of the
day. Again I want to state how happy we were with our guides at
Monwana and as you already know Dale is great.
Please feel free to add us to a list of people that can be used as
references for your program as it truly was amazing.
Thanks again for all of your efforts to make the trip as great as it
was, it is one we will never forget!
David and Emily Lichtman.
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